How Shopping Habits Have Changed Since The Pandemic

Since the pandemic began there have been many shifts and changes to how we live our lives. Our behavior when it comes to shopping is one area that has certainly been impacted, in both positive and negative ways.

DealRated conducted a survey to determine how the pandemic has affected the shopping activities for everyday consumers, and we uncovered some very interesting learnings. In our survey of over 500 shoppers, we discovered these statistics:

1. Over 73.78% of shoppers said the pandemic has forced them to re-evaluate their spending habits.

2. 51.78% of shoppers said they are more likely to buy a product when a discount is available, instead of when they actually need it.

3. 40.67% of consumers said they are actually shopping more since the pandemic, whilst 36.67% said they are shopping less. 22.67% of shoppers said that their shopping habits did not change.

4. When it comes to deciding which product to buy, 44.89% of consumers said the price/cost is the most important factor for them to make a purchase, whilst 37.56% said that the driving factor for them making a purchase is if they believe the brand makes high quality products. Only 12.67% said that brand recognition would ultimately cause them to buy, whilst just 4.89% had said that the reason they would buy a product is if the brand shares the same values as them.

5. Prior to making a purchase online over 90.66% of shoppers said they would either always or sometimes look for a coupon. Breaking this down further, 47.78% said they would always look for a coupon.

6. 36.22% of shoppers said that prior to the pandemic they would purchase groceries in the store, but now they mainly buy online. On the other hand, 8.89% said they have always bought groceries online. 44.22% said they have always bought groceries in person and will continue to do so, 10.67% said that they used to buy online but now buy in person.

7. When it comes to deciding whether or not to purchase a product online or in person, 30.44% of shoppers said that shop online due to better prices, 26.22% said they would shop online to not risk their health, 17.78% said that they like being able to shop at their own pace, 16.44% said the primary reason for shopping online is to easily compare products from different stores, and 9.11% were for other reasons.

8. 67.11% of people said they prefer to shop on their phones and not their computer.